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Warren Ondanje

CEO and Co-Founder in Kawitrack (1-5 years of experience, speaks English)

We are a provider of energy efficiency content and monitoring to the commercial and industrial sectors in Kenya

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Riasat Noor

Senior Research Associate in The Institute for Policy, Advocacy, and Governance (1-5 years of experience, speaks English)

Riasat is an energy policy expert with experience in wide spare of industry verticals and expertise in quantitative and qualitative analysis. He heads national and international power...

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Neeraj Joshi

Technical Advisor-Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency in IPC – Internationale Projekt Consult GmbH (6-10 years of experience, speaks English)

As a Technical EE/RE Expert, Neeraj supports IPC projects in the area of green finance and environmental management and conducts short- and long-term missions in the framework of such projects worldwide, responsibilities include: - conducting research for and contributing texts to technical proposals for energy finance and environmental management projects - conducting market studies on energy sectors and investment potential, technological levels, suppliers, and local know-how - defining...


The webinar will showcase the use of blockchain technologies in development and cooperation projects with a focus on sustainable energy (SDG#7). Speakers will present how alternative finance can leverage public-private partnerships on renewable energy projects in Moldova, how a community is empowered through peer-to-peer energy trading in Thailand, and how blockchain-based applications can bring societal benefits and support the achievement of SDG#7.


Arab countries are putting in place numerous energy efficiency measures in all sectors to save energy, reduce emissions and fulfill their climate goals. The case of Tunisia strikes to be progressive due to its structure and projects that support energy efficiency in the country.