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Guido Sánchez

Coordinación de Energía Renovable y Eficiencia Energética in Municipalidad de Lincoln (1-5 years of experience, speaks Spanish)

Me encuentro desde el 1 de enero de 2018 coordinando el área mencionada con el objetivo de introducir a nivel municipal conceptos de energías alternativas y mejorar la eficiencia energética, contamos con un Prrgrama de Alumbrado Público Eficiente y queremos implementar un plan de eficiencia energética en edificios públicos.

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Steve Lojuntin

Head of Energy Demand Management Unit in Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA Malaysia) (more years of experience, speaks English)

Green Township, Low Carbon Cities, Green and Low Carbon Buildings, Common Carbon Metric,
Green IT, Energy Efficient Building Design, Advanced Building Control System, Energy Management
& Monitoring, Monitoring & Verification, re-commisioning, Energy Audits, Trainings, Technology
Demonstrations, R&D Application inputs to industry and Academia, Public lecture /...

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Ahmed Zobaa

Senior Lecturer in Brunel University London (more years of experience, speaks Arabic, English)

Identifying and specifying the energy requirements to review possible options for efficiency increase along the entire energy conversion chain and select the most appropriate to the requirements.

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Alis Daniela Torres

Co-founder & Director in Greencitic (11-20 years of experience, speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish)

Development of energy efficiency projects for the ICT/Telecommunications Sector.
Design of ICT based services for energy efficiency, with emphasis in smart energy & environmental services development (smart metering, smart grids, smart buildings, electric vehicles, etc)
Energy and GHG emissions assessment frameworks for smart energy and environmental services in industries and...

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Charles Murove

Principal Consultant and Managing Director in Hermit Sustainability Advisory (more years of experience, speaks English, Portuguese)

Energy and Water Auditing
Measurement and Verification (M&V)
Capacity Building for same