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EIA: Reduced electric demand has halved carbon emissions in power sector

19 Mayors Commit to Net Zero Carbon Buildings by 2030

Signatory cities commit to introducing policies, plans and regulations that ensure new buildings operate at net zero carbon by 2030. They also agree to collaborate with businesses and the private sector to drive transformation.

New programs nudge homeowners to switch to electric heat pumps

How can technology reshape energy efficiency? Summer Study speakers offer insights

How can we unite people when talking about energy?

South Africa:Govt Aims for 'Zero Carbon' Buildings in Green Push

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Cape Town -Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana knows how much cash going green can save.

American University just graduated to carbon neutral, thanks partly to energy efficiency

EU carbon emissions rise in sign of challenge ahead

The European Union’s total carbon emissions from fossil fuels rose last year by 1.8 percent, highlighting the challenge the bloc faces in meeting its climate targets.

Going for green with energy efficiency at this year's Olympics

Vehicle standards spur fuel economy gains. A rollback would throw us into reverse.


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