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Energy Efficiency Actions in Denmark-Copenhagen-Nordhavn (Webinar) - 07.04.2017


The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency is hosting a no-cost webinar series ‘Think globally, act locally’ in order to show how energy efficiency policies and actions are linked together at the global, national and local levels of decision-making and how potentially local actions can drive policy

Leading states and utilities achieve substantial natural gas energy efficiency savings

Cities against climate change: solutions for building a more sustainable city

Rafiq Azam: "A collective fight from macro to micro level by the whole human race is the only way to save this blue Planet"

Creation of energy-efficient Buildings Renovation Action Plans for cities: guideline and application cases (Webinar) - 14.03.2017


In the last decade, the integration of Renewable Energy Sources in buildings and smart combination of technologies have been identified as key elements for renovations plans which pursue the horizon of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

Nigeria: Power Sector - Why Nigerian Cities, Towns, Villages Are Still in Darkness

[Vanguard] Power generation and distribution are still a challenge as most cities, towns, and villages are in darkness in spite of the privatization of the power sector.

“Summer Study” goes to India’s “Pink City”

Guest Articles: Green Business Models: The Key Enabler for Smart Cities in Europe

Launched in 2014 and funded by the European Commission, the READY project aims to develop and implement creative technical solutions that increase buildings’ energy efficiency and reduce the needs for fossil fuels in two European cities: Aarhus, Denmark, and Växjö, Sweden.

Smart city transport systems

A machine-learning program uses land-use and amenities data to predict public transport use in Singapore, report experts.

CITy VOICES: Ludwigshafen

Interview with Klaus Dillinger, deputy mayor for Building, Environment and Transport in the city of Ludwigshafen, Germany



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