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Where does your city rank in the 2017 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard?

Options for Incentivizing Voluntary, Above-code Construction (Webinar) - 10.05.2017


This BEA webinar, open to BEA cities and partners, as well as the general public aims to help cities identify incentive types that may work to spur above-code development in their local context.

Building Energy Code Toolkit

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Building energy use accounts for over one-third of global energy use, and this share is growing as incomes rise and cities grow. Many countries and cities are looking at ways to encourage cost-effective energy savings in buildings.

Standards to Achieve City Sustainability (Webinar) - 26/27.04.2017


This BEA webinar engages participants on how to use tools and standards to improve city sustainability.

BEA City Training Webinar: Using the BEA Tracking Progress Template (Webinar) - 25.04.2017


This BEA webinar aims to help cities select localized indicators to track their progress and set clear goals for what they will achieve, with emphasis on activities until September 2017, the end of current BEA phase. Cities are learning how to use the BEA Tracking Progress Template and have a cha

Introduction to EDGE Voluntary Certification and Discussion of Municiple Incentive Options (Webinar) - 19.04.2017


A city can reduce its utility bills and its carbon footprint through better design of not just the buildings it owns but also all buildings that lie within its jurisdiction.

Energy Efficiency Actions in Denmark-Copenhagen-Nordhavn (Webinar) - 07.04.2017


The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency is hosting a no-cost webinar series ‘Think globally, act locally’ in order to show how energy efficiency policies and actions are linked together at the global, national and local levels of decision-making and how potentially local actions can drive policy

Leading states and utilities achieve substantial natural gas energy efficiency savings

Cities against climate change: solutions for building a more sustainable city

Rafiq Azam: "A collective fight from macro to micro level by the whole human race is the only way to save this blue Planet"


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