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Mayors tout the importance of energy efficiency in meeting climate goals

South Africa:Renewable Energy Shifts South African Power Commodity Market Towards Transmission Equipment Upgrades

[PR Newswire] Cape Town, South Africa -The South African power commodity market is changing, and renewable energy is taking centre stage.

Liberia:Hoarding of Petroleum Products Sparks Hike in Transport Fares

[Observer] As of Wednesday, Nov. 29, several petroleum products service stations started hoarding gasoline and diesel fuel in many parts of Monrovia and Paynesville cities due increase of the commodity at the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC).

City Energy Efficient Transformation Initiative (Belo Horizonte)

User generated Initiative

This initiative consisted of a pre-feasibility study on public lighting which confirmed that the city could reduce the energy consumption up to 60% by implementing LED lighting programs. The initiative resulted in policy and financial suggestion to the municipality.

Millions of people work to save energy: Here are some of their stories

Subnational Actors Localize SDGs, Highlight Role of Culture and Transport in Achieving SDG 11

The Norwegian municipality New Asker has adopted the SDGs as a framework for developing its municipal master plan. Sixty-four cities have joined UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, which aims to foster innovation and creativity as drivers for sustainable and inclusive urban development.

Multifamily benchmarking can save energy — with the right support

The proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan shortchanges the benefits of energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency Brief, Rosario-Argentina

Publication / Report

Argentina’s significant domestic natural gas and hydro resources has led to an electricity generation system based on these fuel sources, offering low electricity prices.


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