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Event: Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2018

Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2018 (APCW 2018) is designed to advance regional climate action.

Event: Latin American and Caribbean Climate Week

Latin American and Caribbean Climate Week (LACCW2018) is designed to advance regional climate action.

Africa:Role of Energy Efficiency in Limiting Climate Change

[IPS] Reading, United Kingdom -Greenhouse gases are produced as a by-product of the use of fossil fuels to supply light and heat, produce food, manufacture products and transport people and goods.

Agricultural Ministers Call for Action on Sustainable Livestock Production for SDG Implementation

The tenth Global Forum for Food and Agriculture convened under the theme, 'Shaping the Future of Livestock - Sustainably, Responsibly, Efficiently'.

A primer on energy efficient buildings in tropical and subtropical climates

Publication / Report

This Guidebook aims to be a practical resource for governments (ministries of energy, environment, housing, climate change, finance, planning and others), private sector investors and civil society organizations by illustrating how to create a NAMA for energy efficient buildings based on a country-l

Why do people invest in home energy upgrades? We have answers

UNFCCC Showcases TNA Success Stories, NDE Germany Introduces Technology Needs Database

The UNFCCC report showcases TNA-inspired projects on climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as agriculture, health, energy, transport and water.

Why do people invest in home energy upgrades? We have answers

Incoming COP 23 President Calls for a "Grand Coalition" of Actors to Implement Paris Agreement

Highlighting the need for cooperation, Bainimarama emphasized that “there is no choice to be made between prosperity and a healthy climate”. He urged countries to set the objective of limiting global warming to 1.5°C above preindustrial levels as soon as possible.

Ethiopia Launches NAP, Gender Sensitivity in Spotlight

Ethiopia's NAP focuses on agriculture, forestry, health, transport, power, industry, water and urban sectors, identifying them as the most vulnerable.


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