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Rwanda: New Fund to Help Ease Access to Eco-Friendly Cooling Appliances, Systems

[New Times] The financial scheme is managed under the Business Development Fund (BDF), which says it has hitherto mobilised some US$4 million in initial funding.

Cooling your home: How to connect residential buildings to district cooling? (Webinar) - 29.05.2019


Demand for space cooling is set to rise to 30% of buildings’ electricity demand by 2050 with nearly 70% of the increase coming from the residential sector (IEA, The Future of Cooling, 2018).

Event: Innovate4Climate

Innovate4Climate (I4C) is a global event on climate finance, climate investment and climate markets.

New in-store label for window coverings will give shoppers a clear view of energy savings

Vehicle Automation is cool but will it save energy? We talk to an expert

India Hosts National Dialogue on Phase-down of HFCs

India’s Council on Energy, Environment and Water and the Norwegian Environment Agency hosted a national dialogue on phasing down HFCs in India. The dialogue highlighted findings an independent study on incentives and regulations to phase-down HFCs in India.

Roses are red, but they might not be green

Africa:UN Environment Energy Initiative Lauded As Best Partnership At Major Summit

[UNEP] Copenhagen -UN Environment's District Energy in Cities Initiative, which is unlocking private sector finance to cut greenhouse gas emissions from heating and cooling, has been named best State-of-the-Art partnership in the energy sector at a global summit, hosted by the Prime Minister of D

Energy Efficiency and the Cooling Imperative: Tapping the synergies with the HFC Refrigerant Phasedown under the Kigali Amendment (Webinar) - 05.09.2018


The IEA estimates that by 2050 energy demand from space cooling will triple.

Sistemas urbanos de calefacción y refrigeración eficientes – Energía distrital en América del Sur (Webinar) - 01.08.2018


La actual situación energética en los países de la América del Sur necesita un cambio radical: aumentar el uso de fuentes de energía renovables y tener un uso más eficiente de la energía, también alineándose con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible 7, 8 y 13.


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