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Bikes beat traffic

On 3 June the UN celebrates World Bicycle Day to promote sustainable transportation and road safety. We report from Turkey, where Tepebaşı, a district of Istanbul, aims to revive a once very vibrant biking culture which was largely replaced by motorised transportation

East Africa: Marine-Based 'Blue Economies' Offer Massive Potential

[allAfrica] Developing ocean-based resources in areas such as fisheries, aquaculture, coastal tourism, transport and ports, mining and energy, could generate U.S. $20.8 billion a year for the 220 million people of the western Indian Ocean region, according to a recent report.

Prepay: Saving electricity and money or going without?

Greenercars update: Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai top 2019’s Greenest List

Arab Ministers Endorse Regional Mechanisms for Sustainable Land and Water Use

The ministerial meeting stressed the need to increase investments in agricultural water management through enhanced use of technical innovations, data management and analysis, and exchange of expertise.

How to spur home energy upgrades? Persuasive assessment reports

Toyota loses ground on fuel economy as federal agencies seek rollback of vehicle standards

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: New Toolkit Helps Quantify Efficiency’s Benefits

CO2 reporting programme for small and medium sized facilities

User generated Initiative

Carbon Reduction Reporting for Small and Medium Entities (CRR) is a mandatory annual reporting programme of CO2 emissions for small and medium-sized facilities located in the Tokyo metropolitan. These buildings account for 60% of total Tokyo’s CO2 emissions from industrial and commercial sector.

Tracking Progress of the 2020 Climate Turning Point

Publication / Report

In 2017 several leading climate analysis organizations came together as part of the Mission 2020 campaign to define 6 milestones—in energy, transport, land use, industry, infrastructure, and finance—that would need to be met by 2020 to bend the curve in global GHG emissions and put the world on a pa


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