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Chasing Zero

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Century after century, home along the east-central coast of the Arabian Peninsula generally meant a house of mud or coral brick, roofed with palm thatch, in a small town or settlement. Food staples were local dates and rice, as well as fish that came to shore aboard dhows powered by the winds.

How many billions do US businesses and individuals invest in energy efficiency each year?

Ethiopia: EAPP Envisions Advancing East African Electricity Market

[Ethiopian Herald] The East African Power Pool (EAPP) seeks to ensure increased power supply, reduced production cost and efficient transmission and exchange in its bid to ultimately establish a modernized electricity market in East Africa.

Don’t drop low-hanging fruit of truck fuel efficiency

Zimbabwe: Govt to Consolidate Power Utility Operations

[The Herald] ZESA Holdings operations could soon be merged into one structure as Government is moving to contain costs and improve efficiency at the utility.

Ohio Opt-Out Will Cost State Billions in Benefits

Energy and Emissions: Mapping the Impacts (Webinar) - 23.05.2017


This BEA webinar is demonstrating how to measure the potential sustainability impacts of city policies and projects. Speakers are discussing how to find the estimated emissions reductions from policies intended for, or unrelated to, climate mitigation.

Making America inefficient: the budget’s gory details

Is CHP part of your vision for the modern grid? Let’s discuss

Silent Saver Under Attack: Why We Need the Building Technologies Office


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