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Ohio Opt-Out Will Cost State Billions in Benefits

Energy and Emissions: Mapping the Impacts (Webinar) - 23.05.2017


This BEA webinar is demonstrating how to measure the potential sustainability impacts of city policies and projects. Speakers are discussing how to find the estimated emissions reductions from policies intended for, or unrelated to, climate mitigation.

Making America inefficient: the budget’s gory details

Is CHP part of your vision for the modern grid? Let’s discuss

Silent Saver Under Attack: Why We Need the Building Technologies Office

How to jump-start the financing of infrastructure and efficiency? Join our discussion

Energy efficiency budget cuts could exact hefty price on businesses, workers, rural residents, and low-income families

Optimising the energy use of technical building systems – unleashing the power of the EPBD’s Article 8

Publication / Report

The main objective of the proposed revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) which the European Commission released on the 30th November 2016 “is to accelerate the cost effective renovation of existing buildings.

Accelerating the renovation of the Bulgarian building stock

Publication / Report

A new analysis sets out a long-term roadmap for further development of the Bulgarian renovation programme for multi-family buildings.

Renovating Germany’s building stock

Publication / Report

This report finds that, within 15 years, a large part of the German building stock can be renovated cost-effectively, achieving significant energy savings.


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