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Clean Energy Commitments: South Africa, California, Facebook Update Targets as Cities Pledge Net-zero Buildings

South Africa announced a shift in its plan for new electricity generation capacity increasing the share of renewable sources. California raised its clean electricity target for 2030 from 50% to 60% and pledged 100% clean energy by 2045.

EU-Japan Partnership Commits to Paris Agreement, 2030 Agenda

Under the new EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, the two countries will cooperate to promote the positive contribution of trade to transitioning to low GHG emission and climate-resilient development.

Pickups gearing up for huge fuel economy improvements

EPA gives glider manufacturers a free pass at the expense of the American public

Going green: Switching from oil or propane to electric heat can often save money

Efficient Mobility: Electrification in Maritime Transportation (Webinar) - 24.07.2018


Among the various transport modes, shipping is one of the most efficient cargo transport. Yet, the significant growth of seaborne trade increased the energy consumption of shipping, despite of the improvement in the energy efficiency of shipping engines.

South Africa:Energy On Mobile Application Cost Calculator for Major Household Appliances

[Govt of SA] Mobile application cost calculator for major household appliances to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Johannesburg, June 2018:

American University just graduated to carbon neutral, thanks partly to energy efficiency

EU carbon emissions rise in sign of challenge ahead

The European Union’s total carbon emissions from fossil fuels rose last year by 1.8 percent, highlighting the challenge the bloc faces in meeting its climate targets.

EPA fails to do its homework on light-duty standards


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