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Smart buildings in a decarbonised energy system

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10 principles are making the case for buildings to be at the core of a decarbonised energy system, producing, storing and supplying energy, making the energy system more flexible, resilient and efficient.

European Energy Efficiency Fund (eeef)

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As energy demand in the member states of the European Union is still raising climate change mitigation by improving energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions becomes increasingly important.

GLOBAL STATUS REPORT 2016: Towards zero-emission efficient and resilient buildings

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Energy use in buildings and for building construction represents more than one-third of global final energy consumption and contributes to nearly one-quarter of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions worldwide. A growing population, as well as rapid growth in purchasing power in emerging economies and de

Balancing energy demand could save money

An incentive program that shifts electricity usage for low-priority activities to nonpeak times could help balance the demand for electricity and ease pressure on aging transmission lines.

PAPIRUS: Public Administration Procurement Innovation to Reach Ultimate Sustainability

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The PAPIRUS project implies an introduction of a new public procurement process focused on providing materials characterized by nearly zero energy consumption for the repair and construction of buildings in four European locations.

Enhancing the impact of energy audits and energy management in the EU

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A review of Article 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive This report, elaborated by Fraunhofer ISI for the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) presents a review of EU’s mandatory energy audit schemes, pointing at improvements that would help make EU industry more competitive. Subscribe to RSS - energy demand