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How can we unite people when talking about energy?

Pickups gearing up for huge fuel economy improvements

HLPF Side Event Addresses Energy in Saudi Arabia

The construction, transportation and industrial sectors account for over 90% of the Saudi Arabia’s energy consumption.

EPA gives glider manufacturers a free pass at the expense of the American public

Going green: Switching from oil or propane to electric heat can often save money

Efficient Mobility: Electrification in Maritime Transportation (Webinar) - 24.07.2018


Among the various transport modes, shipping is one of the most efficient cargo transport. Yet, the significant growth of seaborne trade increased the energy consumption of shipping, despite of the improvement in the energy efficiency of shipping engines.

Eficiencia energética en Chile – impactos locales (Webinar) - 17.07.2018


Los municipios tienen el potencial para desarrollar e implementar acciones para el mejoramiento de la eficiencia energética en edificios públicos, alumbrado y transporte urbano, reduciendo las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero y mejorando la calidad de vida de los ciudadanos.

Macquarie Group offers £500m to finance sustainable projects

Australian investment group Macquarie has offered £500 million to finance green projects.

The energy transition: an investment opportunity for cities and regions

An increasing number of large scale sustainable energy projects from public authorities across Europe are demonstrating the investment opportunity for cities and regions in the energy transition.

Finance solutions for energy efficiency at the municipal level (Webinar) - 05.07.2018


This webinar will offer an overview and help navigate in various funding sources for energy efficiency upgrades in the public infrastructure at the municipal level.


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