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Energy Efficiency in Buildings; Kenya

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Kenya is the ninth biggest economy in Africa according to IMF rankings, and in recent years has experienced sustained strong economic growth that has seen it move to “lower-middle income” status as defined by the World Bank.

Energy Efficiency in Buildings; Nairobi, Kenya

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With over 4 million inhabitants and a growth rate of over 4% annually, Kenya’s capital city Nairobi is the largest and most populous city in the country, and the tenth largest city in Africa.

To inspire energy-saving behaviors, local governments engage residents, hold contests, try games

Croatia’s Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund to co-finance home renewables systems

“We will co-finance the procurement and installation of biomass boilers and heat pumps by individuals with HRK 12 million.

EIA: Reduced electric demand has halved carbon emissions in power sector

What will Massachusetts’ new efficiency targets mean for future policy?

Saving energy can strengthen our electric grid

The sustainable sugar rush: how candy companies are saving energy

Energy Efficiency in Buildings; Da Nang, Vietnam

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In 2010, the city used roughly 17.9 petajoules of energy in various forms. Lack of local fossil fuel resources results in 100 percent reliance of Da Nang on energy imports. While notable solar energy potential and local wind resources are present, their utilisation has not yet started in the city.


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