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Rwanda:Govt Moves to Ban Toxic Gases Used in Fridges

[New Times] The Ministry of Environment is set to conduct a detailed energy efficiency market survey that will inform new policy aimed at introducing new non-pollutant cooling technologies by restricting imports of air pollutant gases used by fridges and air conditioners in the country, Environme

BEA Finance Work Group Webinar: Choosing the right financing solution for your energy efficiency project (Webinar) - 16.04.2018


his BEA webinar aims to help cities learn about the different existing financing mechanisms for new green buildings and building renovations, as well as select the best solution for their project or program.

Zaha Hadid’s Desert Think Tank: Environmental Beauty and Efficiency

The sprawling, $1 billion showcase in Saudi Arabia was inspired by the geometries found in honeycombs and soap bubbles.

Climate Mitigation Finance Update: From Divestment to Investment, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The Green Climate Fund has approved US$1,093.5 million in funding for mitigation and adaptation projects in its first board meeting of 2018. A major global insurance company has committed to divest €2 billion from coal and invest €3.5 billion in the green economy.

Nigeria:USAID Concludes REEEP Project in Nigeria, Lists Achievements

[This Day] The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), an independent agency of the United States (US) federal government that is responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance, in collaboration with Power Africa, a US power initiative and Winroc

Energy efficiency has a leading role to play in our distributed energy future

Iowa bills threaten to roll back energy efficiency, putting consumer savings at risk

Solar fuels: better efficiency using microwires

Researchers have made significant efficiency improvements to the technology used to generate solar fuels. This involves the direct conversion of energy from sunlight into a usable fuel (in this case, hydrogen).

A simple new approach to plastic solar cells

Researchers in Japan have built on their previous work to develop new advanced organic polymer. When applied in the solar cells, the polymers formed as amorphous films, which maintained high power conversion efficiency.

Piensa globalmente, actúa localmente - Acciones de eficiencia energética en Argentina y Rosario (Webinar) - 08.03.2018


Este seminario Web se enfoca sobre Argentina y particularmente la ciudad de Rosario, tratando los siguientes temas: Nivel nacional: El desarrollo de las políticas para la eficiencia energética en Argentina; Nivel inter-ciudades: Los desafíos y oportunidades para la eficiencia energética en munic


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