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Climate Mitigation Finance Update: Investments Scale Solar Capacity, Improve Energy Efficiency and Accelerate REDD+

An innovative mapping tool from the World Bank will enable Pacific Islands to chart potential sites for renewable energy. Investments in solar energy capacity have been approved for off-grid solar energy in Kenya and the world's largest solar complex in Egypt.

Ultra-low energy retrofits show promising growth across the US

Who Invests in Energy Efficiency and Why?

Montenegro: 49% of energy savings achieved after reconstruction of public buildings

The Montenegrin Ministry of the Economy announced that the annual consumption of energy dropped by 49% in most of the buildings reconstructed under a programme to raise energy efficiency levels in public buildings.

New ENERGY STAR-like label enters the marketplace; Join us to learn more

Design of envelope modules in Northern European countries

Retrofitting to existing buildings for improved energy efficiency is technically possible but conditions vary in different regions in Europe. “Northern Europe” is spanning in north south direction equally long as the distance between Malmö and northern Tunisia.

Event: Promoting and Financing Energy Efficiency in Ireland and the United Kingdom

This event is organized in partnership with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and the UN Environment Finance Initiative, in the frame of the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums contract, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the EU.

Intelligent energy solution for a city quarter reduces electricity use from the grid by at least 15%

A settlement consisting of pre-fabricated houses in Wuppertal Germany is a living lab for future energy concepts of city quarters.

Natural gas efficiency has shown impressive advances, and the future looks promising

How many billions do US businesses and individuals invest in energy efficiency each year?


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