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In Run on Less roadshow, trucks topped 10 mpg in real-world driving

Energy efficiency can keep housing affordable for Maryland’s low-income families

Why do people invest in home energy upgrades? We have answers

The proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan shortchanges the benefits of energy efficiency

Innovation in evaluation accelerates as energy efficiency programs grow

Low-income efficiency programs that work

Rollback of truck standards is bad news for fuel efficiency and air quality

Energy Efficiency Brief, Rosario-Argentina

Publication / Report

Argentina’s significant domestic natural gas and hydro resources has led to an electricity generation system based on these fuel sources, offering low electricity prices.

Energy Efficiency Brief, Astrakhan-Russia

Publication / Report

Russia has acknowledged energy efficiency as an important direction for its policy development. In 2008, an economy-wide target was set to reduce energy intensity by 40% by 2020 in relation to 2007.

UNFCCC Showcases TNA Success Stories, NDE Germany Introduces Technology Needs Database

The UNFCCC report showcases TNA-inspired projects on climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as agriculture, health, energy, transport and water.


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