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Clean Energy for All Europeans Package: Does the Commission Modelling Assign the Right Role to Energy Efficiency and to Renewables? (Webinar) - 19.10.2017


The Clean Energy for all Europeans package is the first opportunity for Europe to align its domestic energy and climate targets with the ratified Paris Climate Agreement and the ratified Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan shortchanges the benefits of energy efficiency

Why do people invest in home energy upgrades? We have answers

Energy Efficiency 2017

Publication / Report

This year’s report highlights the many positive economic, social and environmental benefits that have been enabled by energy efficiency, including:

Seychelles: Seychelles Embraces More Clean Energy, Announces Plans for Led Street Lights, Solar Panels At Schools

[Seychelles News Agency] A new programme in Seychelles focusing on energy efficiency in state buildings and street lighting will soon launch.

Energy Efficient Data Centres: the Engine to a Sustainable Digital Economy


While digital is driving the industry growth, it is also feeding environmentally damaging consumption. Data centers as the engine of the digital economy are the fastest growing hidden monsters.

Boosting renovation with an innovative service for home-owners

Publication / Report

BetterHome: An industry-driven one-stop-shop solution, subject of the BPIE Innovation Briefing

Commission calls on SPAIN to correctly implement EU rules on Energy Efficiency Directive


Energy efficiency can keep housing affordable for Maryland’s low-income families

Tunisia: Tunisian Brewery Takes Lead On Energy Efficiency

[Deutsche Welle] A Tunisian brewer is one of four big companies taking a hands-on approach to reducing energy consumption. Its initiative is part of a broader campaign to raise awareness of efficient power alternatives.


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