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Tanzania: Songas to Increase Power Generation

[Daily News] SONGAS is expecting to increase power generation and improve efficiency after signing a multiyear agreement to upgrade its gasturbine at Ubungo Power Plant.

Join our countdown to ACEEE’s first Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Funding for energy efficiency is at risk in Connecticut, and it’s worse than before

Energy Efficiency Actions in Georgia and Tbilisi (Webinar) - 01.06.2017


The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency is hosting a no-cost webinar series ‘Think globally, act locally’ in order to explore how energy efficiency policies and actions are linked together at the global, national and local levels of decision-making and how potentially local actions can drive poli

Save Energy, Save Lives: Announcing ACEEE’s newest program, Health and Environment

The 5th Building Knowledge Hub opens doors in Bulgaria

Branch organizations, vocational training centres and material and component manufacturers are invited to use for free the newly established lab and its equipment for training courses on energy efficiency in buildings


Overcoming barriers to investing in energy efficiency

Publication / Report

This study looks into barriers to investing in energy efficiency and ways to overcome them. A vast body of research on the topic of energy efficiency investments and barriers that prevent the energy efficiency potential to be fully realized exists.

Sectoral Platform in Chemicals for Energy Efficiency Excellence (SPiCE3)

Web Resource

Launched in April 2013, the project has allowed companies to benefit from existing energy efficiency tools and exchange best practices during its initial 27-month EU-funded phase and continues to do so through its on-line platform and the network of SMEs established within the context of the project

Trina IBC Solar Cell Record 'Significant'

The recent announcement by Trina Solar that it had reached a new solar conversion efficiency record of 24.13 percent in a Changzhou, China laboratory for an interdigitated back contact (IBC) mono-crystalline silicon cell, is a “significant achievement,” according to a U.S.

New standard practice manual for cost-effectiveness is an indispensable resource


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