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Butterfly wings inspire scientists to boost performance of solar panels

Scientists have discovered that the way butterfly wings absorb sunlight could offer engineering insights on how to improve the efficiency of thin-film photovoltaic modules.

Stories behind the rankings: These successes reveal benefits of saving energy

City Energy Efficient Transformation Initiative (Belo Horizonte)

User generated Initiative

This initiative consisted of a pre-feasibility study on public lighting which confirmed that the city could reduce the energy consumption up to 60% by implementing LED lighting programs. The initiative resulted in policy and financial suggestion to the municipality.

More fun than solar: The sun shines on ACEEE's energy efficiency conference in Arizona

Millions of people work to save energy: Here are some of their stories

Seychelles:Seychelles Mandates New Appliances to Meet Energy Efficient Standards in 2018

[Seychelles News Agency] In an effort to reduce energy use in Seychelles, the Energy Commission is setting energy efficiency standards for five types of electrical home appliances entering Seychelles as of next year.

Scandinavia Ranks Highest on Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index

Sweden placed first in the sixth edition of the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index, followed by Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark.

Nigeria:'How to Close Huge Gap Between Energy Demand and Supply in Nigeria'

[Guardian] Franklin Ajaegbu, Program Manager, Energy Efficiency - Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Plc (PHED), in this interview with Paula Eseghene, says energy efficiency is indisputably the most cost-effective solution to close the huge gap between its demand and supply in Nigeria.

NAMA Update: NAMA Facility Updates, NAMAs on the COP 23 Agenda

El Salvador registered an energy efficiency NAMA, with a total estimated cost of US$98.3 million, which is seeking US$58.2 million in external support.


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