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Here’s a how-to guide to help states cut their emissions with energy efficiency

Best Practices and Case Studies for Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement

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Two major international agreements reached in 2015 will be guiding the future energy development patterns in all sectors, including industry.

Strategies for mitigating the risk of overheating in current and future climate scenarios

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Designing domestic buildings to perform well in terms of energy efficiency and comfort in both winter and summer, is important.

Why we need innovations AND insulation

CITyFiED Project: Udine Italy - cluster cities committed to energy efficiency

Leading Europe’s energy transition and efficiency revolution: Udine, Italy extends its welcome to the CITyFiED network of 50 European cities


Germany launches energy efficiency incentive programme to modernise household boilers

On January 1 2016, Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy started a new energy efficiency incentive programme to support the modernisation of heating and ventilation systems in homes.

ICTs consume 15% less electricity due to improved energy efficiency

The German study "Development of ICT-related electricity demand in Germany" has analysed the electricity demand of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Now is the Wrong Time for States to Reduce Solar Incentives

Thanks in large part to state and federal incentives, the cost to install solar PV systems has decreased 400 percent over the last eight years, while technology advancements have improved system efficiency.

Liberia: Tetra-Tech Outlines Challenges Facing LEC

[LINA] Lina -Tetra-Tech director Ignacio Rodrigoe has blamed the drop in billing efficiency at the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) on the lack of energy balance to estimate and locate losses.

Meet the $100 billion market of energy efficiency financing


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