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Good practices of cities

Cities are raising their profile within the international energy efficiency arena. More and more cities are committed to become CO2 neutral and engage a low-carbon development transition. At COP23 in Bonn, 25 cities pledged to implement more and more ambitious actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change by 2020.

Refurbishment of public buildings and modernization of public lighting

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The project Zagreb Energy Efficient City (ZagEE) lead to the realization of energy savings by implementing economically sound and energy efficient technologies and measures to public lighting and buildings (90% of the buildings were classified below F energy class).

Public lighting LED retrofits with remote monitoring systems

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In the city of Sonsonate, El Salvador, the public lighting upgraded its light-emitting diode (LED) technology by adding a General Electric (GE) system. This is a conjoint project between AES El Salvador, UNITAPE LATINOAMERICA and GE.

First zero energy building in India

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In 2014, New Delhi inaugurated the first zero energy building of India, named the Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, which hosts offices of Ministry of Environment and Forest.

Climate smart district

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Hyllie Sustainable District – is the biggest development area in the city of Malmö aiming at becoming the most climate smart district of the entire Öresund region.

Energy efficiency in City Buildings

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In the city of Cape Town, the Energy and Climate Change Unit has implemented a project to reduce the operating costs of City buildings, saving the City money and electricity and reducing carbon emissions.

Installation of ICT technologies in social housing

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3e-HOUSES project deals with the integration of the most established ICT technologies in social housing in order to provide an innovative service for energy efficiency.

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