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Beyond Carrots for Utilities: A National Review of Performance Incentives for Energy Efficiency

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This report is one in a three-part ACEEE series on utility business models for energy efficiency. Utility incentive policies are ripe for examination as more states adopt efficiency performance incentives.

Energy Efficiency Potential in Ohio

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This paper reviews the energy savings potential in Ohio available to meet the requirements under the state’s energy efficiency standard enacted by Senate Bill 221.

New Horizons for Energy Efficiency: Major Opportunities to Reach Higher Electricity Savings by 2030

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Higher equipment standards and more stringent building codes are squeezing the amount of savings that energy efficiency programs can harvest. No single measure will yield a dominant share of energy savings for utility program portfolios, as have lighting programs in the past.

Recognizing the Value of Energy Efficiency's Multiple Benefits

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The benefits of energy efficiency extend beyond energy savings. Homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities gain comfort, health, and safety benefits from energy efficiency programs.

Industrial Efficiency Programs Can Achieve Large Energy Savings at Low Cost

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This fact sheet summarizes some of the broad benefits of industrial energy efficiency programs. It provides 10 tips for how to design good utility programs that are responsive to the needs of large customers.

The Dollars and Cents of Industrial Efficiency Program Investment

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This fact sheet explains how combined industry and utility investments increase energy savings while providing additional value to businesses. It also discusses six ways that participation in industrial programs can lower costs for business customers.

Communicating the Value of Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs

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The industrial sector offers tremendous opportunity for low-cost energy savings from utility energy efficiency programs.

Best Practices in Developing State Lead-by-Example Programs and Considerations for Clean Power Plan Compliance

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This is the second in a series of papers intended to guide states as they embark on the path to Clean Power Plan compliance.

Energy Efficiency through Tenant Engagement: A Pilot Behavioral Program for Multifamily Buildings

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In 2014, ACEEE launched a pilot program to test a variety of behavioral strategies to promote energy efficiency among tenants in low- to moderate-income multifamily housing in Takoma Park, Maryland.

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