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Should utility prepay plans be considered energy efficiency programs?

Demand response programs can reduce utilities’ peak demand an average of 10%, complementing savings from energy efficiency programs

Architecture 2030

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Achieving Zero is a roadmap for government entities to enact incremental actions over a fifteen-year timespan to phase out CO2 emissions in the built environment by mid-century. It will utilize the zEPI scale, fundamental building construction intervention points, building energy conservation and r

The City Energy Efficiency Scorecard

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In the US The City Energy Efficiency Scorecard ranks 51 cities on energy saving activities in 5 areas. Local government operations, community-wide initiatives, buildings, energy and water utilities, and transportation. The Scorecard also gives examples of best practices in each policy area.

New Michigan law strengthens energy efficiency and renewable energy standards

The US will save trillions of dollars if Obama’s energy efficiency legacy stands

Can the US cut its energy use in half by 2050? Yes, but we will have to double down on our efforts.

Energy Efficiency Toolkit for Buildings: the guide to making the business case for saving energy in a building portfolio (Webinar) - 05.12.2016


The Energy Efficiency Toolkit for Buildings is the only guide to energy efficiency that takes a systems stance – focusing on the business case for energy efficiency, energy policy and strategy, and the financial assessment of energy efficiency measures.

How residential utility programs could reach more diverse households


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