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Building a Better Future: Energy Code Implementation in Hyderabad

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With skyrocketing energy demand, limited energy supply, rapid urbanization and increasing pollution levels, India critically needs energy solutions. Energy efficiency is an immediate solution, locking in energy savings in India’s growing cities.

Building Efficiency Accelerator: Tracking Progress Resource Collection

The Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA), part of the Global Efficiency Accelerator Platform under the United Nations’ Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) Initiative, is a multi-stakeholder network made up of over 30 businesses and organizations that work with local and sub-national governments in order to increase the uptake of energy efficiency policies and programs in the building sector. 

Our new analysis finds energy efficiency is the 3rd largest resource in the US electric power sector

Building Energy Optimization (BEopt™)

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BEopt is a software tool that can evaluate residential building designs and identify cost-optimal efficiency packages at various levels of whole-house energy savings along the path to zero net energy.

Commercial Building Analysis Tool for Energy-Efficient Retrofits (COMBAT)

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The Commercial Building Analysis Tool for Energy-Efficiency Retrofit (COMBAT) is created to facilitate policy makers, facility managers, and building retrofit practitioners to estimate commercial (public) buildings retrofit energy saving, cost and payback period.

Benchmarking and Energy Saving Tool for Low Carbon Cities (BEST)

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The tool is designed to provide city authorities with strategies they can follow to reduce city-wide CO2 and CH4 emissions.

Driving Transformation Report (DTR)

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The tool will be most effective when used to assess policy options and priorities for one market segment at a time, such as residential new construction or existing commercial buildings. Market segments might be selected based on potential energy savings, economic impact, or other factors.

Mobile homes move toward efficiency

Science park campus, Telegrafenberg Potsdam

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A new research building housing 191 members of staff for the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) is being planned for the "Albert Einstein" science park, which is listed as a landscape of historic and architectural importance.

Renovation of city lighting City of Tartu, Estonia

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Renovation of city lighting in the City of Tartu, Estonia. The projects duration was 01/01/2006 – 31/12/2006. The Project was helping to continue renovation of city lighting that started in 2003, when City of Tartu changed 906 lights. In 2004 City of Tartu changed 824 lights.


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