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Want to improve your multifamily energy efficiency program? Our new report shows you the way

Lessons from energy efficiency policy and programmes in the UK from 1973 to 2013

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The UK is in the process of implementing the Green Deal, a finance-based energy efficiency policy. It is aimed, initially, at the domestic sector, but with plans to extend the scheme to the commercial and public sectors.

Nigeria: SON to Enforce Use of Energy Saving Appliances

[This Day] The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has announced plans to begin enforcement on the use of energy saving appliances in the country, as part way for conserving its energy resources.

Nigeria: SON Begins Enforcement of Energy Saving Appliances

[This Day] The Standards Organisation of Nigeria ( SON) has stated that in a bid to optimise the use of the scarce municipal power supply and to prevent wastage, it would begin strict enforcement to ensure the use of only efficient energy appliances in the country.

Intelligent Efficiency & Continual Commissioning

This Earth Day, let’s look at how much energy we’ve been using.

Residential Buildings in India: Energy Use Projections and Savings Potentials

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This report recommends actions for achieving deep energy savings from the residential building sector and generating a range of economic, environmental and social opportunities.

Sustained Energy Savings Achieved through Successful Industrial Customer Interaction with Ratepayer Programs: Case Studies

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This report describes how many U.S. states have implemented ratepayer-funded programs to acquire energy efficiency as a predictable and reliable resource for meeting existing and future energy demand.

Article 7 insight: EU Outlook

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Overview of implementation of Article 7, EED from the EU level, in particular drawing on analysis undertaken within the ENSPOL project, but also other sources, including the European Commission, the Joint Research Centre and the Coalition for Energy Savings.


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