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Intelligent Efficiency & Continual Commissioning

This Earth Day, let’s look at how much energy we’ve been using.

Residential Buildings in India: Energy Use Projections and Savings Potentials

Publication / Report

This report recommends actions for achieving deep energy savings from the residential building sector and generating a range of economic, environmental and social opportunities.

Sustained Energy Savings Achieved through Successful Industrial Customer Interaction with Ratepayer Programs: Case Studies

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This report describes how many U.S. states have implemented ratepayer-funded programs to acquire energy efficiency as a predictable and reliable resource for meeting existing and future energy demand.

Article 7 insight: EU Outlook

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Overview of implementation of Article 7, EED from the EU level, in particular drawing on analysis undertaken within the ENSPOL project, but also other sources, including the European Commission, the Joint Research Centre and the Coalition for Energy Savings.

Austria surpasses interim energy efficiency targets

The Austrian Minister for Economy and Energy, Reinhold Mitterlehner, has drawn up a positive interim balance with respect to the energy efficiency law. The implementation of the European Energy Efficiency Directive has been successful so far.

4DH Research Centre

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4DH is an international research centre which develops 4th generation district heating technologies and systems. This development is fundamental to the implementation of the Danish objective of being fossil fuel-free by 2050 and the European 2020 goals.

Estimating potential additional energy savings from upcoming revisions to existing regulations under the ecodesign and energy labelling directives

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The paper estimates the potential additional energy savings from revisions to the EU’s ecodesign and energy labelling regulations on: household refrigerators, external power supplies, household washing machines, household dishwashers, tertiary lighting, household lighting and simple set-top boxes.

Analysis of Potential Energy Savings from Heat Pump Clothes Dryers in North America

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CLASP and Ecova conducted a study that compares the energy consumption of currently available European heat pump dryers to that of conventional North American electric dryers. It also assesses how these two technologies perform when drying test loads that more closely represent real-world clothing.


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