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Ethiopia: Keeping the Stride to Speed Up Global Energy Development

[Ethiopian Herald] Modern energy services are crucial to human well-being and to a country's economic development.

Renovation in practice

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This report finds that a variety of already successful building renovation approaches could inspire the future development of renovation policies to deliver deep CO2 savings and cut energy wastage.

Investing in the Power Sector despite High Uncertainty in Afghanistan


Increasing access to energy services is key to Afghanistan’s efforts to boost economic growth and increase energy security.

EU Energy Efficiency Directive: Guidebook for Strong Implementation

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The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) entered into force on 4 December 2012 and repeals the Co-generation Directive and the Energy End-Use Efficiency and Energy Services Directive. The EED is as close as the EU comes to an EU-wide energy efficiency strategy anchored by legislation.

SE4All Advisory Board’s Finance Committee Report on Scaling Up Finance for Sustainable Energy Investments

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Energy has become the central theme in discussions on alleviating poverty, promoting economic development and improving quality of life of people.

Nigeria: Emadeb Energy Expands Operations to Abuja

[Guardian] As part of its growth strategy, Emadeb Energy Services Limited, a Petroleum Products Haulage and Petroleum Products Distribution Company, has ventured into retail outlets through which it plans to increase earnings.

Energy Performance Contract (EPC): Contract Guidance Note and Model Contract

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The Model Energy Performance Contract has been produced under Article 18 of the Energy Efficiency Directive and is an approach designed to assist public sector organisations retrofit their buildings by installing energy conservation measures to reduce carbon emissions and achieve substantial guarant

Namibia: Renewable Energy Policy in Final Stage

[Namibian] NAMIBIA must address the problem of inadequate access to electricity (especially in rural areas), the challenge of extending affordable energy services to underserved populations and the need for self-sufficiency and energy independence.

Île-de-France: Sustainable building renovations to bring energy savings

Île-de-France, the region around Paris, has set itself an ambitious target of reducing energy consumption in buildings by 38% in 2020.  To support this, it has created a semi-public Energy Service Company using Energy Performance Contracting to encourage cost-effective building renovations in l

Africa: Rwanda's Butare in Running for Africa Energy Accolade

[New Times] Albert Butare, the CEO and chairman of Africa Energy Services Group - Rwanda, has been nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award in the third annual African Utility Week Industry Awards scheduled for next month.


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