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EPA fails to do its homework on light-duty standards

Africa:Role of Energy Efficiency in Limiting Climate Change

[IPS] Reading, United Kingdom -Greenhouse gases are produced as a by-product of the use of fossil fuels to supply light and heat, produce food, manufacture products and transport people and goods.

The path to fuel economy is clear, even with truck sales in high gear

Going for green with energy efficiency at this year's Olympics

Vehicle standards spur fuel economy gains. A rollback would throw us into reverse.

Mayors tout the importance of energy efficiency in meeting climate goals

City Energy Efficient Transformation Initiative (Belo Horizonte)

User generated Initiative

This initiative consisted of a pre-feasibility study on public lighting which confirmed that the city could reduce the energy consumption up to 60% by implementing LED lighting programs. The initiative resulted in policy and financial suggestion to the municipality.

Fuel economy is going up. Vehicle prices are holding steady.

The proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan shortchanges the benefits of energy efficiency


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