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Optimising the energy use of technical building systems – unleashing the power of the EPBD’s Article 8

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The main objective of the proposed revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) which the European Commission released on the 30th November 2016 “is to accelerate the cost effective renovation of existing buildings.

Scaling up deep energy renovation

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The Buildings Performance Institute Europe and the Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness (i24c) initiative explored in a multi-stakeholder process how Europe can rapidly ramp up the innovation and competitiveness of the construction sector throughout the entire value chain to scale up the depth

Vehicle standards are energy efficiency at its best – and too valuable to roll back

Five new energy-saving standards from Barack Obama, but Donald Trump will get the final word

How understanding the psychology of energy efficiency can help protect the environment

What's Next for Vehicle Fuel Economy?

European Energy Efficiency Fund (eeef)

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As energy demand in the member states of the European Union is still raising climate change mitigation by improving energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions becomes increasingly important.

The Clean Power Plan and energy efficiency: where do we go from here?

Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Asia: Trends, Impacts, and Reforms - Integrative Report

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Analysis suggests that reduction or removal of subsidies will encourage a shift to alternative fuels, make investment in clean energy attractive, increase energy supply, reduce energy shortages, and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

GLOBAL STATUS REPORT 2016: Towards zero-emission efficient and resilient buildings

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Energy use in buildings and for building construction represents more than one-third of global final energy consumption and contributes to nearly one-quarter of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions worldwide. A growing population, as well as rapid growth in purchasing power in emerging economies and de


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