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Institutional Finance Update: Investors Increase Climate Action, MDBs Support Energy Efficiency and Green Transport Initiatives

In the run-up to the Global Climate Action Summit, investors scaled up engagement with “systemically important” GHG emitters by adding 61 companies to Climate Action 100+, a collaborative five-year global initiative committing investor signatories to engage actively with the world’s top emi

EU-Japan Partnership Commits to Paris Agreement, 2030 Agenda

Under the new EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, the two countries will cooperate to promote the positive contribution of trade to transitioning to low GHG emission and climate-resilient development.

Pickups gearing up for huge fuel economy improvements

EPA gives glider manufacturers a free pass at the expense of the American public

Going green: Switching from oil or propane to electric heat can often save money

Car Buyers Rank Fuel Economy as a Top Priority

South Africa:Energy On Mobile Application Cost Calculator for Major Household Appliances

[Govt of SA] Mobile application cost calculator for major household appliances to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Johannesburg, June 2018:

EPA fails to do its homework on light-duty standards

Africa:Role of Energy Efficiency in Limiting Climate Change

[IPS] Reading, United Kingdom -Greenhouse gases are produced as a by-product of the use of fossil fuels to supply light and heat, produce food, manufacture products and transport people and goods.

The path to fuel economy is clear, even with truck sales in high gear


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