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Nigeria: Over 4.6 Million Consumers Await New Meters As Rollout Commences

[Guardian] With no less than 4,606,106 electricity consumers lacking meters, there are reservations about the implementation of the meter asset providers (MAPs) scheme, which begins today, as many households remain ignorant of the procurement process.Indeed, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Co

Pennsylvania weighs legislation that could deliver +30K jobs

TransMilenio Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

User generated Initiative

The capital of Colombia, Bogotá, has implemented an efficient and innovative bus system for urban transport using a Private Public Partnership (PPP). The public sector, represented by the TransMilenio S.A., planned the project with funding responsibilities and daily supervision.

The urban redevelopment of Hammarby Sjöstad

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The Hammarby Sjöstad is one of the most famous success stories of development of a sustainable district.

CO2 reporting programme for small and medium sized facilities

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Carbon Reduction Reporting for Small and Medium Entities (CRR) is a mandatory annual reporting programme of CO2 emissions for small and medium-sized facilities located in the Tokyo metropolitan. These buildings account for 60% of total Tokyo’s CO2 emissions from industrial and commercial sector.

How to Implement and Finance Cities’ Efforts for Energy Transitions in the Middle East and North Africa? (Webinar) - 24.01.2019


This webinar will discuss the specific and general challenges for cities looking to tackle the current issue set of energy transitions across the region, with a particular focus on solution-sourcing for implementation strategies and financing procurement.

Event: One Planet Summit

Heads of State and non-state actors, including business leaders, will come together for the second One Planet Summit to account for the implementation of 12 international commitments made at the inaugural One Planet Summit in December 2017, launched by French President Emmanuel Macron, UN Secreta

Sistemas urbanos de calefacción y refrigeración eficientes – Energía distrital en América del Sur (Webinar) - 01.08.2018


La actual situación energética en los países de la América del Sur necesita un cambio radical: aumentar el uso de fuentes de energía renovables y tener un uso más eficiente de la energía, también alineándose con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible 7, 8 y 13.

Event: Middle East and North Africa Climate Week

Middle East and North Africa Climate Week 2018 (MENACW 2018) is designed to advance regional climate action.

Event: Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2018

Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2018 (APCW 2018) is designed to advance regional climate action.


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