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What will Massachusetts’ new efficiency targets mean for future policy?

New programs nudge homeowners to switch to electric heat pumps

Affordable housing is disappearing; energy efficiency and solar energy can help reverse that trend

As electric vehicles gain favor, utilities can accelerate EV adoption

CommONEnergy policy factsheet: Cost-competitive deep renovation of shopping centres, a driver for EU policies

Publication / Report

The European project CommONEnergy, aimed at re-conceptualizing shopping centres through deep retrofitting, prepared a policy paper to highlight the important role these commercial buildings could have to reach European sustainability goals if properly included in the EU Directives.

Making America inefficient: the budget’s gory details

Options for Incentivizing Voluntary, Above-code Construction (Webinar) - 10.05.2017


This BEA webinar, open to BEA cities and partners, as well as the general public aims to help cities identify incentive types that may work to spur above-code development in their local context.

Introduction to EDGE Voluntary Certification and Discussion of Municipal Incentive Options (Webinar) - 19.04.2017


A city can reduce its utility bills and its carbon footprint through better design of not just the buildings it owns but also all buildings that lie within its jurisdiction.

Accelerating the renovation of the Bulgarian building stock

Publication / Report

A new analysis sets out a long-term roadmap for further development of the Bulgarian renovation programme for multi-family buildings.

New Michigan law strengthens energy efficiency and renewable energy standards


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