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EPA gives glider manufacturers a free pass at the expense of the American public

A budding opportunity for energy efficiency

EPA fails to do its homework on light-duty standards

As electric vehicles gain favor, utilities can accelerate EV adoption

Nigeria:Rivers Govt, Shell Nigeria Sign MOU On Gas Supply to Industries

[Guardian] The Rivers State Government and Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the distribution of gas to industries in the Greater Port Harcourt area and its environs.

Nigeria:Power Stakeholders Canvass for Cost Reflective Tariffs

[This Day] In light of the recent force majeure declared by power distribution companies in the country as a result of the "eligible customers" policy introduced by the federal government, representatives of the major stakeholders in Nigeria's power industry have expressed common views that elect

More fun than solar: The sun shines on ACEEE's energy efficiency conference in Arizona

Fuel economy is going up. Vehicle prices are holding steady.

Millions of people work to save energy: Here are some of their stories


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