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Cooling your home: How to connect residential buildings to district cooling? (Webinar) - 29.05.2019


Demand for space cooling is set to rise to 30% of buildings’ electricity demand by 2050 with nearly 70% of the increase coming from the residential sector (IEA, The Future of Cooling, 2018).

Energy Efficiency and the 10YFP. Background Paper for the 10YFP Workshop in UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Energy Efficiency (EE) is an important for mitigating climate change, but also for deriving economic benefits and competitive advantage. According to the IEA, EE alone could contribute 49% of the GHG reduction required for adhering to the 2°C limit.

IEA reports large energy efficiency gains but calls for accelerated efforts

Energy Efficiency and the Cooling Imperative: Tapping the synergies with the HFC Refrigerant Phasedown under the Kigali Amendment (Webinar) - 05.09.2018


The IEA estimates that by 2050 energy demand from space cooling will triple.

IEA Report Shows Falling Global Investment in Energy, Record Spending on Solar

The report highlights that energy efficiency represents “the lone sector of growth” in 2017. While China leads on solar investment, Europe appears to be the frontrunner in offshore wind.

Program administrators can stay ahead of the curve with high-efficiency air conditioners

Energy News: Events for SDG 7 Implementation, Countries Advance with Renewable Energy and Storage

The IEA held a workshop on Enhancing the Impact of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Policies and launched an online resource to centralize its data and scenario projects relating to SDG 7.

Energy Efficiency Indicators Highlights 2017

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This statistical report is designed to help understand what drives final energy use in IEA member countries in order to improve and track national energy efficiency policies.

How many billions do US businesses and individuals invest in energy efficiency each year?

IEA, EU and China Advance Energy Efficiency

High-level participants to the second IEA Global Conference on Energy Efficiency discussed global perspectives, evolution of technology and policy and financing and investment regarding energy efficiency.


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