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Creation of energy-efficient Buildings Renovation Action Plans for cities: guideline and application cases (Webinar) - 14.03.2017


In the last decade, the integration of Renewable Energy Sources in buildings and smart combination of technologies have been identified as key elements for renovations plans which pursue the horizon of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

Regulatory indicators for sustainable energy: a global scorecard for policy makers

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Energy is at the forefront of the development agenda.

Join World Sustainable Energy Days 2017 on 1-3 March and meet the BUILD UP Team

World Sustainable Energy Days 2017 (WSED 2017) will take place from 1 - 3 March 2017 in Wels, Austria.

Wading into the Trump era of energy efficiency

Germany: New rules on energy from Jan-1-2017

The following new rules on energy apply in Germany starting from 1 January 2017 and onwards:


Mitigation Update: France, China Announce Mitigation Commitments, IEA Reports on Energy Efficiency

France submits its Long-term National Climate Plan, in which it commits to to reduce carbon emissions by 40% compared to 1990 levels by 2030, and achieve a 75% reduction by 2050.

Upcoming QUALICHeCK events

The following QUALICHeCK events have now been confirmed. Participation is free for all, but prior registration is required.



INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP | Renewable heating and cooling systems for buildings

Tuesday 17 January 2017, Lyon, France

Over €100M to finance energy innovation in SMEs across Europe



Renewable energy i.e. solar, wind and biomass, and energy efficiency projects account for 40% of the investments made through the SME Instrument in the field of energy. Top three countries include Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom with most projects funded.


Architecture 2030

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Achieving Zero is a roadmap for government entities to enact incremental actions over a fifteen-year timespan to phase out CO2 emissions in the built environment by mid-century. It will utilize the zEPI scale, fundamental building construction intervention points, building energy conservation and r

New Michigan law strengthens energy efficiency and renewable energy standards


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