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Event: GLF Bonn 2019

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) in Bonn, Germany, will convene under the theme, ‘Rights in the Landscape,’ and focus on the issue of rights in addressing “the current environmental crisis.” Linking people to landscapes, GLF Bonn 2019 will explore the contributions of indigenous people

Introduction to the Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment

Publication / Report

Mountains are large landforms raised above the surface of the earth emerging into peaks and ranges. Mountains occupy 22% of the world’s land surface area and are home to about 13% of the world’s population (FAO 2015).

Event: Ninth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

The Ninth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development seeks to provide policymakers and experts from various parts of the energy sector with an opportunity to reflect on the implications of the fast-paced energy transition, review the activities to date and make further progress to

Sistemas urbanos de calefacción y refrigeración eficientes – Energía distrital en América del Sur (Webinar) - 01.08.2018


La actual situación energética en los países de la América del Sur necesita un cambio radical: aumentar el uso de fuentes de energía renovables y tener un uso más eficiente de la energía, también alineándose con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible 7, 8 y 13.

HLPF Side Event Focuses on Meeting the Challenge of Chemical Pollution Beyond 2020

Karolina Skog, Minister of Environment, Sweden, outlined an international alliance on chemicals and waste, launched at the HLPF, which aims to mobilize public interest on chemicals and waste beyond 2020. Speakers underscored addressing chemicals a key enabler for achieving SDG 12.

Event: Leadership on Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform for Sustainable Energy Access and Poverty Reduction: HLPF Side Event

Leadership is required to move away from inefficient and harmful fossil fuel subsidies (SDG 12) towards sustainable energy systems with access to energy for all (SDG 7). Fossil fuel subsidies stood at about US$425 billion in 2015.

Austrian World Summit Calls for More Ambitious Climate Commitments by 2020

Organized by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s non-profit environmental organization R20 Regions of Climate Action, the R20 Austrian World Summit 2018 took place with the aim of helping regions, states and cities implement the SDGs and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Energy News: Events for SDG 7 Implementation, Countries Advance with Renewable Energy and Storage

The IEA held a workshop on Enhancing the Impact of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Policies and launched an online resource to centralize its data and scenario projects relating to SDG 7.

ASEAN, ESCAP Propose 7 Initiatives to Achieve SDGs in the Region

The UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, the Government of Thailand, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations launched a joint report highlighting complementarities between the ASEAN Community Vision 2025 and the 2030 Agenda, both of which were adopted in 2015.

Agricultural Ministers Call for Action on Sustainable Livestock Production for SDG Implementation

The tenth Global Forum for Food and Agriculture convened under the theme, 'Shaping the Future of Livestock - Sustainably, Responsibly, Efficiently'.


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