Are smart buildings always smart? Lessons learnt from real life stories


This webinar will focus on the practical examples from operation and maintenance of smart buildings, the role of building mangers and the impact of occupants on the overall building energy performance.

The webinar will cover a unique combination of challenges and solutions from both western and Eurasian practices on improving building energy performance in municipal and other non-residential buildings through implementation of smart solutions.

Both technical and administrative angles of buildings’ smartness will be discussed drawing upon the real life projects and local case studies. The expert panel will also discuss the synergies and trade-offs between building smartness and energy efficiency, including issues related the building operation and user behavior.

The webinar is targeting broad audience, covering the building life cycle from the design to the operation stage.  

In the frame of intelligent buildings, this webinar will focus on:

  • A perspective on technologies and challenges
  • User behavior case study from Denmark – challenges and solutions
  • Case study from Russia – challenges and solutions
  • Panel discussion
  • Q&A


Short Bio:
Valeria Zambianchi is a research assistant at the Copenhagen Centre since September 2017. Previously, she worked as student assistant at UNEP DTU Partnership. Valeria researches the best practices of energy efficiency in cities and the role of cities in South America for implementing energy efficient actions. Moreover, she assists the senior staff with projects in Latin America, as well as coordinates and moderates the Copenhagen Centre’s webinars in Spanish. Valeria graduated from København Universitet with a MSc. in global development and concentration in environmental governance. Her field experience includes participatory forest management in Tanzania and urban flooding in India.
Short Bio:
As an energy anthropologist, I work with the encounter between people and technology, specifically focusing on energy efficiency, indoor climate and energy flexibility. When combining human perspectives with technical expertise, it becomes possible to develop technology which add value for users - whether they are employees in an office building or students in educational institutions.
Short Bio:
I focus on energy efficiency and indoor environment in office buildings. Through consultancies and project work I have achieved state-of-the-art knowledge and experience within this area. My current focus is on the correlation between indoor environment and employee performance which potentially can change the economical perspective of the design phase.
Short Bio:
My career includes 17 years of practical professional experience in field of Energy Efficiency, Energy Management and Monitoring and Verification of Energy Performance in buildings. Achieved a degree in Technical Science, I have a certification as Energy Manager, by AEE. Regionally, I focused on design and implementation of EE and energy auditing in Russia and CIS countries.