Greening Internet Data Centres: How to Unlock the Efficiency Potential (Webinar) - 12.07.2017


We are honoured to invite Alibaba, Danfoss and Huawei to share their unique insights and views on industry efforts towards data centre efficiency. 

With the massive innovations brought by the "Internet of Things", the world is becoming ever more connected. Increased internet activities involve tremendous amounts of data to be stored, and we are already witnessing mushrooming growth in data centres over the past decade. 

According to the Independent, the amount of energy consumed by the world’s data centres amounts to 3 per cent of the global electricity supply and accounts for about 2 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions. That gives it the same carbon footprint as the airline industry. Companies that are using inefficient data centres thus face a danger of large overspending on IT equipment, licences for operation and maintenance. 

On 12th July from 10:30-12:00 CEST, the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency hosted a webinar to put data centres under the microscope and explore the opportunities and successful models for improving data centre performance through energy efficiency design and technologies. 

During this 1.5 hour webinar, we aim to answer four questions that are critical for developing highly efficient and cost-saving data centres: 

• What are the most commonly used energy efficiency strategies in data centres and how can the balance between reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness be achieved? 
• What are the latest standards and indicators for measuring data centre efficiency? 
• Cooling costs account for a significant portion of the energy consumption of a typical datacentre. What technologies and products are available in optimizing data centre cooling, and eliminating data centre power and cooling inefficiencies? 
• What are the global best practices on energy-efficient data centres?



Programme Officer, Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform
Short Bio:
With 8 years professional policy analyst experience, Xiao Wang joined C2E2 in 2015. She currently serves as Programme Officer of the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform, where she takes the lead in identifying and developing decision-support tools in the ecosystem of energy efficiency and energy productivity, while supporting global public-private collaborations for achieving Sustainable Energy for All. Experience in academia, public sector, NGOs and INGOs, lends her a unique mix of analytical and strategic, yet hands on, orientation to thrive in the field of energy policy planning and project implementation. Her specific areas of expertise cover policy analysis on energy access, energy efficiency and productivity, energy security; facilitation of private sector engagement; organizational network mapping and analysis; development of decision support system: models, tools and best practices.
Short Bio:
Zhuolun Chen is senior advisor in the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency. He has a Ph.D. in building science. As a LEED AP, he developed, consulted and designed more than 30 projects of green buildings and communities. As a consultant and designer, he focused on optimizing energy systems in Internet data centre (IDC) to enhance the overall efficiency level, including the application of new cooling technologies and implementation of district energy systems in IDCs etc.
Short Bio:
Senior engineer of Alibaba data center platform. He is responsible for power supply and distribution technology design and R&D of innovation and server power supply unit, such as scorpion PSU and server BBU. He was involved in the design and construction of a number of large-scale Internet data centers, including Alibaba Qiandao Lake, Zhangbei data center. Acts as design manager of multiple data centers.
Data Centre Senior Designer
Short Bio:
More than 20 years of the experiences in IT & Telecom Industries, Focused on researching in energy efficiency of ICT, Data centre infrastructure Planning, participated and conducted in ITU-T and CCSA. Project experience: China Mobile International Information, Harbor data centre, China Mobile Haerbin Branch data centre, China Union Northwest base data centre, China Mobile South Base data centre.
Global Applications Manager Cooling
Short Bio:
Jörg Saar has an extensive experience in refrigeration and cooling products and services design.