How the Building Efficiency Accelerator can assist you in connecting with investors (Webinar) - 04.07.2017



The goal of this webinar is to help cities develop building efficiency projects and programs that can successfu

lly attract investment. The webinar describes what a strong project development process looks like and how the Building Efficiency Accelerator can assist cities in this process.

The webinar provides clear recommendations and resources on a methodology to present a strong investment proposal to third-party financiers. It covers topics including how to use the data collection templates developed by the Building Efficiency Accelerator, how to turn them into investment opportunity concept notes and how to choose the right financing option for your project. 


Short Bio:
Aristeidis Tsakiris is a Mechanical Engineer with a MSc in Sustainable Energy from DTU (Technical University of Denmark). Aristeidis started his career at a small consultancy company focused on energy efficient projects in the Balkans and Baltic areas. Now he is working as a Programme Officer at Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency (C2E2) trying to accelerate energy efficiency policies to emerging and developing economies. His main areas of expertise are: Energy savings in the building sector, Energy Efficiency in the transport sector, Development of Energy Efficiency Knowledge Management Systems.
Short Bio:
Quitterie comes from a consulting background in the clean technology sector and she has been leading the market development of the Investor Confidence Project in Europe. Her work focuses on fostering market adoption of the ICP’S IREE Certification in Europe through partnerships with key market players and lobbying efforts towards the financial community.