How to make energy efficiency measures in real estate common practice

19 April 2018 - 09:00, Amsterdam, Netherlands

BUILDINTEREST ROADSHOW will bring the hottest topics and developments in financing in energy efficiency and sustainable building on a the road in a trip to take place consecutively in the Netherlands, Italy and France!

In the course of three events from February until April 2018 we will discover the importance of BUILDINTEREST’s active financing platforms and to explore innovative solutions for unlocking the energy efficiency market to take back home.

BUILDINTEREST: How to make energy efficiency measures in real estate common practice, taking place on 19 April 2018 in Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centrein, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This edition of the BUILDINTEREST Roadshow will aim to promote and share the best practices of the GreenBuild Invest Initiative in the Netherlands on the valuation of energy efficiency measures in buildings and financial options. Event’s main focus will be geared toward:

  • Valuation of sustainability in buildings and evolvement in a changing market
  • Showcasing new methods in standardization of sustainability in buildings
  • Tackling evolvement of the industry and financial sectors – where they meet
  • Attractiveness of financial platforms to stimulate financial incentives in energy efficient projects
  • Exciting new financial solutions from France & Italy up for replication on a European scale
  • Best standartisation practices in France, focus EuroQuity financial platform
  • Workshops on using certification as a tool for valuation & Ethical labour standard certification
  • Networking opportunity in synergy with Building Holland!