Innovative technologies and tools for energy-efficient shopping centres

19 September 2017 - 10:00, Webinar

The project CommONEnergy (2013-2017), funded by the European Union under the FP7 programme, focused on transforming shopping centres into energy efficient and high-indoor-environmental-quality buildings, by developing smart renovation strategies and solutions. The sub-sector of shopping centres, the only one with a renovation rate of about 4.4% per year, represents a unique trigger point to realise sustainable energy-savings solutions along the planned aesthetic renovations, as more than 60% of the shopping centre building stock will be upgraded by 2030.

The CommONEnergy webinar will go through the 24 technologies installed and tested by the project in four demo cases across Europe, and present the related benefits, such as improving comfort, reducing costs and energy consumption. The technologies span almost all parts of shopping centres, including lighting, ventilation, refrigeration, building management systems, insulation, greenery integration and more. The tools supporting their implementation and assessing their environmental and social impact will also be presented. Finally, the demo cases (in Italy, Spain and Norway) will be showcased as successful examples of the implementation of such innovative solutions and technologies.