Towards a greener sustainable building sector - issues and solutions

09 March 2018 - 09:00, Paris, France

BUILDINTEREST ROADSHOW will bring the hottest topics and developments in financing in energy efficiency and sustainable building on a the road in a trip to take place consecutively in the Netherlands, Italy and France!

In the course of three events in February and March 2018 we will discover the importance of BUILDINTEREST’s active financing platforms and to explore innovative solutions for unlocking the energy efficiency market to take back home.

BUILDINTEREST: Towards a greener sustainable building sector - issues and solutions, taking place on 9th March 2018 in Bpifrance office, Paris, France. This edition will aim to promote the best practices to mediate energy efficiency improvements and will showcase the best innovation pilot projects to a selection of international investors and participants. Focus on:

  • Practical solutions for investment in energy efficiency renovation
  • Experiences of One-Stop Shop standartisation of processes
  • Innovative companies specializing in energy efficiency construction from France, Italy and Netherlands