Vocational skills for energy efficient buildings

24 October 2017 -
14:00 to 17:00
, Bucharest, Romania

A qualified building workforce is essential to ensure the higher levels of quality required for moving towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings and to accelerate the rate of building renovation in Europe. It is particularly important to train construction workers, as well as middle and senior level professionals throughout the entire building value chain, in order to address the upcoming challenges. These include new materials and technologies, the integration of renewables, and collaboration using Building Information Modelling.

Since 2011, the EU-funded BUILD UP Skills initiative has been reducing the energy and sustainability skills gap in the construction sector by developing national and European qualification and training programmes.

  • How can we increase the quality of construction for energy efficiency?
  • How can we develop innovative training materials and methods to meet the need for energy efficiency skills in the buildings sector?
  • How can we facilitate the mutual recognition of qualifications across Member States?

Questions like these will be addressed at this public stakeholder workshop, organised by the Concerted Action Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD) and taking place in connection with the plenary meeting of the CA EPBD. The workshop will hear from the European Commission, national authorities, building industry experts and EU-funded projects.