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Energy Efficiency Case Studies

User generated Initiative

This initiative consisted of a pre-feasibility study on public lighting which confirmed that the city could reduce the energy consumption up to 60% by implementing LED lighting programs. The initiative resulted in policy and financial suggestion to the municipality. The municipality asked the World Bank, which financed the study, assistance for developing a PPP.

User generated Initiative

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User generated Initiative

As smart metering programs proliferate worldwide and balancing energy supply and demand becomes more difficult (and costly) than ever, Demand Response (DR) is “having a moment” in the energy world today. But are you prepared for the monumental changes about to come? Join our webinar to learn how Demand Side Management (DSM) can be leveraged as a stepping stone towards becoming fully Demand-Response enabled.

Funding and finance opportunity for energy efficiency

The objective of this project is to supporting Barbados' energy security by enhancing the energy sector as well as promoting to the use of cleaner fuels and renewable energy solutions.