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The EU funded project CommONEnergy developed a tool, the Economic Assessment Tool, to estimate the energy saving potential and economic benefits of retrofitting shopping centers, together with a tutorial video, to explain how to use the tool.

Expert user

Kenneth Jansson

business development in Svensk Energiförvaltning (6-10 years of experience, speaks English)

Working as an electrician for 10 years and continued with energy expert education.

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Zlatko Gjurchinoski

Energy Manager in Vardar Dolomit dooel (6-10 years of experience, speaks English)

-Delivery of UNIDO EnMS Expert Training in line with ISO 50001 -Delivery of UNIDO EnMS User Training in line with ISO 50001 -Consultant for preparing national program for volontary lessons in Energy Efficiency for electrical engineering high schools -Technical support expert during implementation of EnMS in Skopje Brewery and Public Utility Company Strumica -Implementation of Energy Management System (EnMS) in Vardar Dolomit -Project and Design of numerous micro energy efficiency...

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Siddhartha Nauduri

Programme Officer in UNFCCC (6-10 years of experience, speaks English)

Carried out several energy efficiency studies and prepared reports as consultant.

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Secundino Giron

Coordinator in Regional Delegation in National Fund for Worker´s Housing (1-5 years of experience, speaks English, French, Spanish)

Operation of the national program of ecological technologies in housing development, particularly in the use of ecological materials and sophisticated construction methods to improve energy efficiency in the houses. My work also involves research aspects and governmental network collaboration for interurban redensification and mitigation of unruly growth, in terms to turn the cities into a more compact and sustainable places in the southwest region of Mexico. Development of a hydrogen...