Search Function

The C2E2 KMS is a mixture of Knowledge Objects and simple website content, presented via a multi-entry user interface. The C2E2 KMS is trying to:

  1. give quick access for experts (people who are savey with the domains sectorisation and terminology) to relevant content and
  2. provide overview and guidance for people which could be summarized as "engaged newcomers"

So search and browse at C2E2 KMS is providing different usage paths to the content base.

On the first level this is:

  • BROWSE to static contents (e.g. About, News, ...)
  • SIMPLE SEARCH for content
  • BROWSE to three content BUNDLES (Get informed, Get support, Get Involved)

The second level allows to refine results:

  • The SIMPLE SEARCH can now be:
    • refined and re-focused by term
    • narrowed by facette
    • reordered by various sorting options
  • The BUNDLES can now be:
    • refined and re-focused by term
    • changed to EXPERT SEARCH 

The third level is for presenting detail pages only and will always be left via a BACK function to the second level.