Executive Summary - Accelerating Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Latin America and Caribbean (English Version)

Publication / Report

This report analysed a diverse set of criteria important for accelerating energy efficiency in the LAC region, and it highlights a range of possible interventions that have been prioritized for a number of LAC countries. Some of these energy efficiency measures need to be initiated and led by governments at the national, regional or local levels. For example, this report could inform the development or update of National Action Plans on Energy Efficiency. In addition, this report provides criteria, priorities and progress of energy efficiency in selected LAC countries. This information could inform governments, Regional Organizations, Development Banks, Global Alliances, Energy Industry, Private Sector Development Banks and other stakeholders interested in designing targeted technical assistance programs in the region. The information provided in this report also highlights the possible interventions in LAC countries that could support the SE4ALL goal of doubling the improvement rate of energy efficiency globally by 2030.