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The ultimate power couple: Energy management and data technologies

Landsea New Mansion (China): Health & Comfort Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

The Landsea New Mansion project is located in the west suburbs of Shanghai and covers a 13,433m2 area, with three 5-storey residential buildings.

Global Growth Potential of Energy Efficient Data Centres


Data centres are among the most complex and energy-demanding facilities in the world. Currently, the world's data centres consumed 3% of global electricity with a growth project to 20% by 2025.

Nigeria: Nigeria Signs $21 Million Deal With Japan for Rehabilitation of Lagos Transmission Substation

[Premium Times] The federal government has signed a grant aid project with Japan for emergency rehabilitation and reinforcement of the Lagos electricity transmission substation.

Overcoming Barriers to Investing in Energy Efficiency (Webinar) - 04.12.2018


The presenters will provide their views on the ways to improve the investment climate for energy efficiency and to find policy solutions and incentive schemes to make energy efficiency projects viable.

To inspire energy-saving behaviors, local governments engage residents, hold contests, try games

Croatia’s Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund to co-finance home renewables systems

“We will co-finance the procurement and installation of biomass boilers and heat pumps by individuals with HRK 12 million.

Deep Retrofit Training Programmes by Fit-to-NZEB Ready to Enter the Vocational Education and Training Practice in Europe

The new training programmes on deep energy retrofit developed by the Horizon 2020 project Fit-to-NZEB are uploaded and ready for use by any interested training institution.

#GreenSolutions Awards 2018: winners of the International platform are known

The Green Solutions Awards aim to include realisations (buildings, districts and infrastructures) from allover the world.

What trends in the 2018 Green Solutions Awards?

The Green Solutions Awards are an international contest organized by Construction21 to highlight and reward inspiring and innovative construction projects which contribute to the fight against climate change: buildings, districts and infrastructures.


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