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To inspire energy-saving behaviors, local governments engage residents, hold contests, try games

Croatia’s Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund to co-finance home renewables systems

“We will co-finance the procurement and installation of biomass boilers and heat pumps by individuals with HRK 12 million.

Deep Retrofit Training Programmes by Fit-to-NZEB Ready to Enter the Vocational Education and Training Practice in Europe

The new training programmes on deep energy retrofit developed by the Horizon 2020 project Fit-to-NZEB are uploaded and ready for use by any interested training institution.

#GreenSolutions Awards 2018: winners of the International platform are known

The Green Solutions Awards aim to include realisations (buildings, districts and infrastructures) from allover the world.

What trends in the 2018 Green Solutions Awards?

The Green Solutions Awards are an international contest organized by Construction21 to highlight and reward inspiring and innovative construction projects which contribute to the fight against climate change: buildings, districts and infrastructures.

World Bank Approves Financing for Bangladesh’s Sustainable Fisheries, Forests, Climate-Resilient Roads

The World Bank approved financing for three projects in Bangladesh: the Bangladesh Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project; the Sustainable Forests and Livelihoods Project; and the Second Rural Transport Improvement Project.

IMPULSE: a European pilot project for the energy upgrading of Public Buildings

IMPULSE introduces an integrated support system concerning energy upgrading projects for Public Buildings.


Blockchain and sustainable energy in development and cooperation (Webinar) - 16.10.2018


The webinar will showcase the use of blockchain technologies in development and cooperation projects with a focus on sustainable energy (SDG#7).

Energy Efficiency Policies and the Arab Future Energy Index (Webinar) - 11.10.2018


Arab countries are putting in place numerous energy efficiency measures in all sectors to save energy, reduce emissions and fulfill their climate goals. The case of Tunisia strikes to be progressive due to its structure and projects that support energy efficiency in the country.

Malawi:MCA Power Project in Malawi Ends - Us Wants Action On Escom Theft

[Nyasa Times] United States' high profile five year US$350 million Millennium Challenge Account(MCA) ends midnight on Thursday and officials say it has achieved its goals of expanding electricity distribution in the country.


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