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Sierra Leone: The Turkish, Via Boat They Arrived, a Nation Shouts 'Light Done Kam'

[Concord] At the commissioning in June, 2009, of the Regent Primary Substation and the 11kV/33kV Transmission Line, constructed through the Japanese Grant Project for Urgent Improvement of Electricity Power Supply systems, former President Koroma spoke of how convinced he was, that "the multiplie

Good practices of cities

Cities are raising their profile within the international energy efficiency arena. More and more cities are committed to become CO2 neutral and engage a low-carbon development transition. At COP23 in Bonn, 25 cities pledged to implement more and more ambitious actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change by 2020.

Refurbishment of public buildings and modernization of public lighting

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The project Zagreb Energy Efficient City (ZagEE) lead to the realization of energy savings by implementing economically sound and energy efficient technologies and measures to public lighting and buildings (90% of the buildings were classified below F energy class).

TransMilenio Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

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The capital of Colombia, Bogotá, has implemented an efficient and innovative bus system for urban transport using a Private Public Partnership (PPP). The public sector, represented by the TransMilenio S.A., planned the project with funding responsibilities and daily supervision.

Public lighting LED retrofits with remote monitoring systems

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In the city of Sonsonate, El Salvador, the public lighting upgraded its light-emitting diode (LED) technology by adding a General Electric (GE) system. This is a conjoint project between AES El Salvador, UNITAPE LATINOAMERICA and GE.

Energy and water efficient apartments

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Smart Green Apartments (SGA) is a free programme provided by the City of Sydney to guide multi-apartment buildings to decrease energy and water consumption and waste outputs through free audits and information on government rebates.

Energy efficient retrofits

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Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover (KEEM) is a multi-partner program that is providing energy efficiency retrofits to Knoxville’s oldest buildings.

Smart City

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The city of Jakarta, in partnership with Philips Lighting, upgraded the street lighting through the Smart City initiative. The initiative sees a Smart City as “where everything is connected to enable […] citizens to live safely and more comfortably in a city that is beautiful day and night”.

First zero energy building in India

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In 2014, New Delhi inaugurated the first zero energy building of India, named the Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, which hosts offices of Ministry of Environment and Forest.

The urban redevelopment of Hammarby Sjöstad

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The Hammarby Sjöstad is one of the most famous success stories of development of a sustainable district.


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