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Happy New Year! We look back at 2018’s progress and challenges and forward to 2019’s potential

ACEEE partners with Bloomberg’s American Cities Climate Challenge

Renewables are getting cheaper but energy efficiency, on average, still costs utilities less

House of Île-de-France (France): Energy & Temperate Climates Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

Zero Energy! Zero Carbon! Zero Nuclear Waste! Located in the International University Campus in Paris, the 5,000m2 House of Ile-de-France is unprecedented in France.

KTR Headquarters (France): Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

KTR, a German industrial group specialized in mechanical transmissions, wanted a building reflecting the image and the values of the company for its French headquarters: innovative and offering excellent work conditions for its employees, autonomous especially energy wise.

Aulario IndUVA (Spain): Sustainable Construction Grand Prize Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

The construction of the Aulario building for University of Valladolid’s School of Industrial Engineering represents a great opportunity for research and improvement of technics already applied on net zero energy buildings of the campus.

Landsea New Mansion (China): Health & Comfort Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

The Landsea New Mansion project is located in the west suburbs of Shanghai and covers a 13,433m2 area, with three 5-storey residential buildings.

Climate challenge: Cut the ‘gray carbon wedge’ of industrial emissions

When citizen engagement makes the difference

Involving citizens is the biggest challenge to finalise large-scale energy efficiency works in neighbourhoods. An emblematic story comes from Valladolid, Spain, where “no, we can’t” has become “yes, we can”

Zimbabwe: Call to Embrace Solar Power

[The Herald] Government is considering to formulate a legislative framework that outlaws the use of electric geysers in households and institutional buildings, as it urges citizens to embrace solar thermal technologies.


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