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Clean Energy Commitments: South Africa, California, Facebook Update Targets as Cities Pledge Net-zero Buildings

South Africa announced a shift in its plan for new electricity generation capacity increasing the share of renewable sources. California raised its clean electricity target for 2030 from 50% to 60% and pledged 100% clean energy by 2045.

On Labor Day, we salute the 2.2 million-plus Americans who work to save energy

19 Mayors Commit to Net Zero Carbon Buildings by 2030

Signatory cities commit to introducing policies, plans and regulations that ensure new buildings operate at net zero carbon by 2030. They also agree to collaborate with businesses and the private sector to drive transformation.

Zero energy ready homes gain ground: Summer Study speaker highlights trend

Equity in energy efficiency: Summer Study speakers discuss topic

Just how smart can our buildings and grid be? Summer Study panel leader offers insights

Universities push to slash energy use: Summer Study speaker describes how

How can technology reshape energy efficiency? Summer Study speakers offer insights

How can we unite people when talking about energy?

Is it worth renovating old buildings?

The building sector is the largest energy-consuming sector in Europe. As retrofitting works are often unaffordable for people who own apartments in old blocks, the EU has had to step in



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