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carbonn Climate Registry

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The carbonn® Climate Registry (cCR) is the global reporting platform for cities, towns and regions tackling climate change - created to support transparency, accountability and credibility. It serves local and sub-national governments that report voluntarily and publicly.

Climate Mitigation Finance Update: Investments Scale Solar Capacity, Improve Energy Efficiency and Accelerate REDD+

An innovative mapping tool from the World Bank will enable Pacific Islands to chart potential sites for renewable energy. Investments in solar energy capacity have been approved for off-grid solar energy in Kenya and the world's largest solar complex in Egypt.

Capacity Building and Technology Update: Initiatives Focus on Transport and Indigenous Peoples’ REDD+ Readiness

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) convened a workshop in Saint Michael, Barbados, from 4-5 July 2017 to discuss the best way to integrate climate resilience in the road transport sector.

Local Governments Boost Climate Action

Thirty-five Australian local councils, including Canberra, Alice Springs, Newcastle, North Sydney, Kur-ring-gai and Penrith, committed to develop green and climate-resilient communities, switching to renewables and building green transport infrastructure.

Design of envelope modules in Northern European countries

Retrofitting to existing buildings for improved energy efficiency is technically possible but conditions vary in different regions in Europe. “Northern Europe” is spanning in north south direction equally long as the distance between Malmö and northern Tunisia.

Climate Finance Update - Mitigation: Green Bonds Break Records as China Pilots Large-scale Green Financing

The European Investment Bank has issued the "longest" green bond with a 30-year maturity, while Apple Inc. has added a US$1 billion bond to its existing US$1.5 billion bond which is the "largest" green bond emission to date.

Norway to become the first country to ban the use of oil for heating buildings by 2020

Reuters, 15 June 2017




Oil producer Norway will prohibit the use of oil and paraffin to heat buildings from 2020 as it tries to rein in domestic emissions of greenhouse gases, the government said on Thursday.


This week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories - June 23

Can Sweden go carbon neutral by 2045? Can London’s transport get to zero emissions by 2050? And could the UK start using its sewer network to heat homes? 
This, and more, in the week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories

EU Council agrees on proposal for a revised Energy Efficiency Directive

increased energy efficiency: ensuring progress towards EU's climate and energy goals




Energy and Emissions: Mapping the Impacts (Webinar) - 23.05.2017


This BEA webinar is demonstrating how to measure the potential sustainability impacts of city policies and projects. Speakers are discussing how to find the estimated emissions reductions from policies intended for, or unrelated to, climate mitigation.


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