Summary of energy efficiency expertise

Xianli Zhu has a Phd in economics. She specialises in energy efficiency potential assessment, policy analysis, and best practices at UDP/C2E2. Her work includes capacity building for developing countries and academic research. She has worked in the UNEP DTU Partnership for 10 years. Previously, her key working areas included Clean Development Mechanism, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions, Low Carbon Development Strategies, national climate and mitigation policies, climate change adaptation technologies, international climate change negotiation and governance, and life-cycle energy analysis. She worked in Beijing at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing before joining UDP in 2006. Energy and climate policies in China are always one of her key expertise area. She has also worked in India, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, as well as Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa, and some other countries in Asia and the Pacific.